Behavioral and Experimental Economics

Working Papers

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More than the Money: Payoff-Irrelevant Terms in Relational Contracts,
IZA DP No. 11712
joint work with Erich Cromwell and Monika Leszczynska
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The Timing of Discretionary Bonuses: Effort, Signals, and Reciprocity,
IZA DP No. 11580
joint work with Luke Boosey
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Framing effects in the Prisoner’s Dilemma but not the Dictator Game
FSU Working Paper
joint work with David Rand and Gari Walkowitz
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Self-chosen goals, incentives, and effort
mimeo please email
joint work with Phil Brookins and Sebastian Kube
Goals (th)at Work – Goals, Monetary Incentives, and Workers’ Performance
Discussion Paper MPI for Research on Collective Goods
joint work with Sebastian Kube
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